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Frequently Asked Questions About QVC, TV Shopping Channel & QVC Product Placement

Q: What does a QVC look for in a product?

A: Generally, QVC looks for products that:

  • Demonstrate well
  • Solve a common problem
  • Make life easier
  • Appeal to a broad audience
  • Have unique features and benefits
  • Are new & improved editions of things on the market
  • Help the consumer look good by using it

Q: How does QVC select and present merchandise?

A: Merchandise is selected based on product uniqueness, quality, demonstrability, timeliness, and appeal. Upon review and selection by QVC merchandisers the item must clear QVCs strict Quality Assurance evaluation. A full-time staff of stage designers, technicians, and stylists prep the item for presentation before a QVC Program Hosts explains & demonstrates the item in an informative and friendly presentation.

Q: Who shops on QVC and

A: QVC customers are a broad cross-section of US cable & satellite subscribers, with a notable skew towards women. They are active, savvy shoppers who enjoy shopping, and shop in a variety of places, including department stores, specialty stores, catalogs, the internet & television. They understand value, respond to unique, differentiated items and seek respected brand names.

Q: Is QVC a television channel or retailer?

A: Both. QVC is a retailer that sells products on television. The business model is similar to that of a traditional retailer: Vendors sell their products at an agreed upon wholesale price and QVC then uses this wholesale price to establish its on-air retail.

Q: Is there a fee to sell on QVC?

A: No, QVC does not charge a fee to evaluate a product or to put an item on the air. Vendors do not rent airtime to sell a product.

Q: Will QVC help manufacture my product?

A: No. As a retailer, QVC looks for products that are ready to sell on air or on Items submitted to QVC must be manufactured or a least a working prototype.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of product that QVC will order?

A: Yes. Initial purchases orders are typically $25,000-35,000 per item at the total wholesale, or cost of the shipment landed at the QVC Distribution Center. if the cost of goods is $25 per item, divide the total minimum purchase order amount by $30 to determine the quantity ($30,000/$25=1,200units).

Q: Does QVC have guidelines on the retail of an item?

A: QVC retail prices range from items that cost thousands of dollars to items that cost $15. QVC prefers to sell products with an on-air retail of at least $15.00 or higher in order to maximize airtime.

Q: Can you get my product on air and I will ship the amount that sells?

A: No. The entire order quantity must be in a Network's warehouse before an item can air. QVC performs a quality check on each shipment before an item can be sold. Perishables, such as food and plants, items are shipped directly to the customer from the Vendors warehouse (drop shipped) within 48 hours of the order.

Q: Does QVC sell high quality products?

A: Yes. QVC is one of only a handful of retailers with its own in-house Quality Assurance program and extensive warehouse quality control. QVC strives to provide the best quality and value in every product they offer, delivering goods that originate from more than 50 countries on six continents. QVCs focus on quality means quality products make it on air and the QVC customer can have faith in that quality when ordering.

Q: Can a Network test my product regionally?

A: No. QVC is broadcast live to all 50 states simultaneously. It is not possible to do regional tests.

Q: Are there product categories QVC does not accept?

A: Yes. QVC does not seek products in the following categories: Artwork/Photography, Baby/Childrens, Books (except cookbooks), Feminine/Personal Hygiene, Firearms, Gambling, Genuine Furs, Golf, Handmade Beaded Jewelry, Maternity, Sexual Aids, Tobacco, 900-phone programs. QVC also will not sell an item that includes any type of customer solicitation such as a sweepstakes, questionnaires etc.

Q: What is QVCs customer return policy?

A: Each item is backed by QVCs unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee. This promotes trust and allows the consumer to purchase freely. Because QVC maintains a strict quality policy, this return policy benefits vendors that make quality product.

Q: Can I sell my product on QVC and get their list of customers for my other products?

A: No. QVC Customers are kept confidential and QVC does not sell or rent their customer lists to any other agencies. This allows QVC customers to shop with confidence.

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