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Is Your Product Right For QVC?

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Selling products on the home shopping channels can be a challenging but rewarding proposition. On one hand, how else can you have your product seen in 95 Million homes in the US? On the other hand, selling on QVC is not without risk.

So, how do you know if your product is right for QVC? Start by answering these basic questions:

  • Is your product highly demonstrable?
  • Is your product unique or cutting edge?
  • Does it help solve a common problem?
  • Is your product an improvement over something else already in existence?
  • Does your product have mass appeal?
  • Is your product new to the market or still limited from other big chain retailers?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you might be on to something… If you would like the professionals at TVSD to evaluate the fit of your product home shopping, please the New Product Information Form. The more detailed your responses, the better our ability to identify the fit and potential opportunity with QVC.

You may also download this form and mail it with samples to TVSD at the address below.

Download New Product Evaluation Form

New Product Evaluation Form

* - Required  
* What is the name of your company and product?
* What is your phone number?
* What is your email?
Is there a website we can visit for more information?
What is this product used for?
Does this product solve a problem? If so, how?
Does your product have unique or cutting-edge features, ingredients or benefits?
What makes it better than similar products? (visit to review products in this category)
Does this product have mass appeal? Who is the target audience?
Is this product currently selling elsewhere? If so, where and what is the retail price?
Do you have independent research to prove claims about this product? Please explain:
How and why did your company start? Does that "story" make this product more interesting?
Do you have a passionate spokesperson that would be comfortable presenting on TV?
Has this product ever been submitted to QVC for review? If yes, please provide the details.
Who from your company will make the decision to proceed if QVC is presents the right opportunity?

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